The relationship between Architect and Consultant is based on trust. We understand your relationship with your client . Our job is to work closely with you from the beginning to ensure a seamless relationship.  We focus on measurable objectives with quality results.


We realize that huge investments are required to develop a project. We assist with feasibility studies to ensure your project is utilizing the highest and best use of your land.  We can assist with Zoning, Planning, and even Construction Oversight and Funding. Our goal is to assess your project at every turn so that every step brings you closer to your objective.


The CDS team has designed several commercial/industrial complexes utilized for retail, shipping, manufacturing, and other uses.   


CDS has worked with several municipalities throughout Arizona assisting with Parks and Rec projects, Right of Ways, Roadways, Water Lines, Wastewater Treatment, Drainage, and legacy drainage Issues.


CDS has worked on hundreds of residential projects throughout Arizona. Planned Communities with Architects, Developers, and Builders. Our state of the art technology coupled with our design experience ensures your project is appealing to the Municipality,  Developer, Investor, Builder, and ultimately the Resident.